About Us

The pinnacle of our existence is to help our customers with their power supply needs. Through our extensive experience in the field for almost twenty years, we have products ranging from medium switchgears and transformers. We also provide 150 kV equipments. We also install our own products in various sub-stations. We are also able to design sub-stations with various configurations.

The alliance between our company and UD. Kahael makes our position to be stronger in the market. This is supported by the ability of UD. Kahael to provide electrical components ranging from low until high voltages. Please refer to their catalog for more information regarding their capacity.

Our company also provides additional services and repairs for both transformers (capacity up to 6000 kVA 36 kV) and cubicles (capacity up to 5000 Amp 36 kV).

We thrive to gives our customers the highest point of satisfaction and we make this our personal commitment to the customers. Everyday, our company continue to learn from our experiences and grow in developing our customer service value. We are also aiming to provide electricity in all areas in our motherland, Indonesia.

Service Tradition

PT. Semesta Eltrindo Pura has been offering its customers innovative technologies and services under one roof for 32 years. Our long tradition combined with a long-term global strategy are what made us different from other companies and we are very proud of those merits.

International customers can access our entire spectrum of products and services via an extensive network of branches and partners – this includes everything right through to global servicing. Customers benefit from a broad range of products, including several patented in-house inventions, and from flexible and customer-specific project management.

We look forward to demonstrating the merits of our professional solutions!