We have commited thirty years in perfecting our specialty in producing, installing and repairing cubicles and transformers.

Cubicle Overview

Cubicles can have multiple functions, one which function as a control panel in the substations and one function as a metering device. A cubicle is normally designed only for 3300 volt and above.

Cubicles also function as a safety measure which will disconnect the network from the power source when the current is overloaded. The cubicles is operable both remotely and locally. Hence, the main function of a cubicle is to open and close a power source from its network.

Here you’ll be able to find our cubicle overview. Other than our main types of cubicles, we are able to design and build one which is accustomed to your needs and specifications.

Transformer Overview

Transformer is an electrical component that transform two ways voltages, either from low voltage to high voltages or vice versa. The electricity from low voltage to high voltage is used to be transmitted to a specific load center. While the electricity from high voltage to low voltage is used to supply energy to the industrial area.

To efficiently minimize losses on the transformer, we use the best materials to build it. For that reason, the efficiency rate could reach up to 98%. We are consistent in keeping our products to its standard, each components and products undergoes through a certain design and production process. Under the supervision of our best and highly trained engineers, with a high standard in quality control, we produced a high quality transformers.

In making your decision to buy our products, please do not hesitate to ask our sales department to aid you in your inquiries.

Our transformer products range starting from 5 kVA up to 7500 kVA with voltages up to 33 kV. Since the year 1980, we have succeed in producing transformers with FOC and SPLN standard.

Transformers produced by PT. Semesta Eltrindo combines cost-effective purchasing prices with high economic efficiency. Our production procedure is perfectly tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers.