Distribution Board

PTSEP also produces Distribution Board for your industrial and lighting needs. The foundation of the system is protection. This primarily consists of MCBs, MCCBS, RCCBs, RCBOs, Isolators and a host of other modular devices. Based on this, PTSEP series of Distribution Boards meet all the requirements of modern installation for domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

Distribution Boards are manufactured with high precision, extra thick and high quality CRCA steel sheets. These Our Distribution Boards undergo a seven-tank phosphating process to ensure anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength. Premierquality powder coating is applied using the latest techniques. Upon request, an explosion proof distribution boards are also available.

Our Distribution Boards are universal mounting type, which means that they can be either flush or wall mounted. These Distribution Boards are provided with removable top and bottom gland plates with adequate numbers of knockout, enabling easy installation and connection of conduits of all sizes for top and bottom entry of cables. Double door construction of Distribution Boards facilitates easy removal of door intermediate plate.

Our Distribution Boards offer two types of protection-IP42 degree with a metal door and IP20 degree without a door. The highest degree of attention has been paid to the safety aspect of the Distribution Boards, considering that they are installed in close proximity to people. An intermediate plate ensures total safety, as no live parts are exposed when the door is opened.

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