Primary Distribution

From generating stations down to installation distribution substations, PT. Semesta Eltrindo Pura provides the most reliable and top quality solution for supplying products, systems and services.

The switchgear is modular and is built up by placing standardised units side by side in a coordinated way. The switchgear is simple to configure and selection of the apparatus and instruments does not imply dedicated solutions. The functional units of the switchgear are guaranteed arc proof in accordance with the IEC 62271-200 Standards, appendix AA, class A accessibility, criteria 1 to 5. All the start-up, maintenance and service operations can be carried out from the front. The switchgear and the earthing switches are operated from the front with the door closed. The range of apparatus for RK-1 switchgear is the most complete available on the market, being able to count on vacuum and gas circuit-breakers and vacuum contactors with fuses.

All this apparatus is interchangeable inside the same switchgear unit. This makes use of a single switchgear-user interface possible, with the same service and maintenance procedure and operations. The fixed version switch-disconnector units complete the range of apparatus. The switchgear can be fitted with conventional (transformers and releases) or innovative (sensors and multi-purpose unit) measurement and protection components. Apart from the traditional functional units, the UniGear switchgear is fitted with double-level solutions, compact units equipped with contactors with fuses and double busbar systems. The use of these units allows extremely efficient use of space.

Normal service conditions The rated characteristics of the switchboard are guaranteed under the following ambient conditions:

– Minimum ambient temperature: -5 ºC
– Maximum ambient temperature: +40 ºC
– Maximum relative humidity: 95%
– Maximum altitude: 1000 m a.s.l.
– Presence of normal, non-corrosive and
uncontaminated atmosphere

Electrical Characteristic