Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) Retrofit


Below are study cases of cubicle retrofit services. We are able to fix Cradle Circuit Breaker and the cubicle itself up to 3150Amp 36kV.

The photograph on the left shows the Meiden VFT-22s VCB before and after the retrofit service.

Technical Data

– Type of Old Circuit Breaker Meiden VFT-22s
[Old vacuum type]
– Type of New Circuit Breaker Travida ISM-24 [Vacuum Type]
– Rated voltage 24kV
– Rated impulse withstand voltage 125kV
– Rated power frequency withstand voltage 50kV
– Rated current 630A
– Rated short-circuit breaking unit 16kA
– Weight before retrofit +/- 300kg
– Weight after retrofit +/- 60kg